A common problem area for golfers is a difficulty getting out of the sand. The ball may come out too low, with too much or not enough sand, or worse, it doesn’t come out at all. The main reasons for these problems arise from a poor angle of attack and not knowing where to strike the sand. Here is a simple drill that will help you to get the ball out of the bunker every time.
First, make a footprint in the sand and place the ball in the arch of the print. Focus on the heel of the print; this is where the club will make impact with the sand.
Shuffle your feet into the sand and take aim by aligning the body slightly left of the target, with the clubface open and the ball opposite your left heel.
  Pick the club up steeply and using a full swing, smash the footprint away.
   What you should find, if you erase the entire print, is that the club enters the sand two inches behind the ball and the sole of the club bounces it through the sand.

 If you have done this correctly, the footprint should be gone and the ball will leave the bunker on a cushion of sand.