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Teaching Philosophy
Over the past 9 years, as I have taught golfers with varied backgrounds, experiences and ability levels, three strong themes of my teaching have emerged. These themes include clarity of explanation, personalised lessons and enjoyment.
Clarity of explanation
I strive to ensure that my students are completely clear as to what we are trying to achieve within a lesson. My explanations, expectations and demonstrations are straightforward. I find video technology a helpful tool to reinforce ideas whilst avoiding over-complication. Ensuring that those I teach have a complete understanding of the coaching they receive is a priority to me. This approach allows my students to comprehend how a particular technical change makes a specific difference to their game, with self-sufficiency an ultimate goal.
Even within the context of a complex teaching programme, I believe a key to success is to keep the messages short and simple. This process ensures that students can confidently work towards a goal, even in time away from a structured lesson.
Personalised lessons
I am well aware that no two golfers are the same. Their different experiences, ability and physiology obviously influence the approach and focus that I take within a lesson. As such, I differentiate my explanations, drills etc. as appropriate. However, my aim is always to increase the potential for a student. I believe that golfers of all abilities and confidence levels can show an improvement within a lesson.
Even if my lessons present challenges, or force golfers to work outside of their comfort zones, I endeavour to make them enjoyable experiences. A relaxed and friendly style initially puts people at ease at the start of a lesson. Good-natured competition is also an element of many of my junior lessons that I find helps maintain focus and increases enjoyment. In addition, consistently ensuring every student is aware of the progress they have made is an essential factor for full enjoyment; showing them how much they have achieved is highly motivational